Yes.. I still can’t believe it myself … I’m a mother, the little spoiled girl is now supposed to be a responsible mother for a young man called Moez … named after Moez Masoud

3 months has gone, it was not easy, and I don’t expect it to be … but it’s exiting ..

Lessons I’ve learned:

  1. It’s easier to stay pregnant, yet watching the little one you had inside you for 9 months is priceless
  2. You don’t have to fall in love with your infant from day one … take your time .. you’ll love him pretty soon
  3. Don’t hesitate asking for help .. don’t act like you shouldn’t … you need it !
  4. Be patient … no matter how hard things are for you, it’s much harder for this little creature … help him out and don’t loose your temper
  5. Your life is changing 180 degrees, stay positive towards it .. don’t ever listen to negative words people say
  6. You have a pretty baby no matter what .. it’s true .. القرد في عين امه غزال
  7. You don’t get to choose having a healthy/calm/polite/funny/fussy/temper baby … accept him as he is … eventually you’ll learn to adapt with him and that’s your true success, not changing him
  8. People love to advice and talk about their own experiences all the time … don’t follow each and every word .. each baby has his own nature … trust your instinct and follow it
  9. Be patient .. don’t loose it
  10. Speak, cry or scream if you feel like it (just do it away from your little one) keeping your feelings hidden won’t help you at all
  11. Things may not get easier eventually .. but handling it positively will make it so
  12. Have somebody to look for the baby … and go get a shower
  13. Don’t hate your body yet .. work on improving it instead
  14. Take care of your own health for the sake of yourself and your baby

Lessons to others:

  1. Don’t you dare judge a mother or her child … you really don’t know what they’ve been through
  2. Stop your negative words about having a baby and loosing your life because of it .. it’s a precious gift, don’t ruin it
  3. Respect the mother’s choices to her baby lifestyle
  4. A formula fed baby doesn’t mean his mom is a murderer, she would never choose to harm her little one
  5. A crying baby isn’t always hungry .. they complaint about many other things too

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  • Yasmin shalaby Said:  

    Congratulation for the new site. SINAR,you now when l was reading your words l finaly have found some one who share me my feelings, tiredness,anger and is realy good idea. Go on and l will be with you

  • Muhammad Al baddaly Said:  

    you are totally right

  • Dina Said:  

    I Agree With Most Of The Things :) except the first one .. its not easier to stay pregnant :)
    alf mabrook ya nano .. 3 months went by so fast , i can’t believe myself as well , but when i look at her and here perfect mix of me and ahmed .. i feel like i could fly :) rabbena ye2darna 3ala tarbeyt-hom .. mootherhood is not an easy task .. you just have to be patient :)

  • Sinar Shebl Said:  

    Yasmine … I’m so happy you liked it … you’re my hero wallahi :)

    Dina .. when you are pregnant you can sleep whenever you feel like it and stay as long as you want kaman … that’s easier u can’t deny it :D

  • bingorabbit Said:  

    Congraaaaatz :) , Rabena ye7emeholko ya Rab.. :)

    You should really share this everywhere, it’s like a code that all mothers should know :D

  • كريم علي Said:  

    زعلان إني سافرت من غير ما ألحق أشوفه :(
    يوما ما أشوفه بيلعب مع تميم لعبة “تعدية الشارع” ولو متعرفيش,, دي لعبة قديمة كنا بنلعبها وإحنا صغيرين إننا نعدي الطرق السريعة جري,, واللي يعدي الشارع بسرعة من غير ما يحصله حاجة يكسب :D
    الحمد لله كان كل مرة كان حد من أهلنا بمسكنا قبل ما حد مننا “يخسر” وتعدي على خير :D

    ربنا يباركلكم فيه ويسعدكم بيه :)

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