Ok, another 3 months are gone and I still keep reminding myself .. I”m a mom … I’m a mom, and he’s doing a great job not to make me forget

So … I’ve been told that the first 3 months are the toughest … heheheee … relatively true but motherhood is nothing but a tough job so I stopped counting anyway!

let’s see what’s new in the second 3 months


Lessons I’ve learned:

  1. His smile swipes all the pain .. it really does
  2. I have a very cranky boy, not of my choice but … he’s friendly .. and I love him
  3. He knows me … Yaaaaay
  4. He’s getting too attached … Oops
  5. The more he grows up, the much more attention he needs … motherhood
  6. Don’t get so excited cause you are done with colic … there’s teething on the way .. niaha
  7. He started grabbing whatever his hands can reach .. watch out everybody
  8. He fell off the bed .. he’s ok .. there’s a first time for everything
  9. Patience, Patience , Patience … don’t forget
  10. Although you have tons  of complaints about your baby .. be thankful there are worse babies than yours
  11. You are raising a human being … don’t think he’s too young
  12. Whenever you feel you really had it … don’t hesitate having someone to talk to
  13. He’s not too young to discipline … just chose appropriate methods
  14. Share his interests, habits and routines with a close member of the family or a friend … you shouldn’t be the only one who knows them, you don’t know what would happen
  15. Babies are too sensitive to the environment changes, traveling a lot makes them uncomfortable … don’t complaint cause it’s relatively your fault not theirs

Lessons to others:

  1. I have a fussy boy, I know it ..Please either support or just stay away
  2. When you meet a mother having a tough time with her little one … a smile could be very helpful and supportive
  3. I do know what and how to feed my baby, I believe in scientific facts not traditional ones
  4. Please don’t mind my messy look, I’ve an infant if you haven’t noticed!
  5. You feed, change diapers, sooth, play ..etc. and once he sees the father … you’re out of his scene

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Aqim Salatak