Here we come again, the little man is 9 months old, those last 3 months were the fastest in time, in his developments and improvements … in everything, actually I can’t believe that it’s a matter of another 3 months to celebrate his first birthday … OMG I’m getting older!

So, are you interested to know what’s new about us?


Lessons I’ve learned:

  • I’m raising a chimpanzee .. it’s true .. but he’s adorable Masha’ Allah
  • He’s crawling … yes .. he eats everything on the floor
  • He loves his bedtime story in a way that makes it “anytime soothing” story
  • He recognizes the “NO” .. doesn’t mean he responds to it!
  • He responds to his name … and his nicknames too
  • Book isn’t food … wish he knows that only real food is for his mouth
  • Going out? … either hide from him or take him along with you!
  • Sometimes I wish I could scream out loud saying “STOP CRYING AND GET AWAY” … Sigh … I wish I won’t
  • I wonder .. why babies were not born with their teeth, why do we all have to suffer from teething
  • You would definitely wish getting sick yourself instead of him .. may Allah cure them all
  • Distraction … best method ever
  • He would play with everything he could find except his own toys!!
  • Ooh don’t ever forget .. patience, patience, patience … YA RAB
  • Again, he’s cranky, fussy .. cries most of the time … still there are much worse babies

Lessons to others:

  • Guess what, he’s 9 months old and I’ve not fed him “mahshi” yet … and he’s OK!
  • I got a male baby .. I wished to get a female but I didn’t and I’m not expecting to get one anyway .. so let me teach you something .. I REALLY DON’T CARE … girls are more pretty, spoiled, have better clothes in the stores or whatever it’s that makes you feel sorry for me not having a girl who would be my friend when we grow up or all that blah blah blah. He’s the precious gift from Allah .. a very precious one, I won’t argue the gender … I seek good progeny that’s it … so give yourself a break please!

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  • Noha Gamal Said:  

    This is so adorable ! :D and the picture is pure awesomeness! <3
    Rabena yekhaleholko w yekhaleko leba3d w yebarekloko feh :)

  • kamasheto Said:  

    Mashalah seems like your hands are full :)

    I’m kinda getting this feeling that you’re having trouble with the people around your baby (and you) more than trouble with the baby itself. Don’t bother yourself too much with people, they’ll always be saying the wrongs at the wrong times. It’s you and your (mashalah beautiful) baby against the world :)

    Rabena yekhalehelko ya rab, he’s filling out to be a mini Farghal already :)

  • Dina Said:  

    I’m 9 now as well >> what a great age … precious gift i agree , still she’s a huge pain in the *** >> don’t think girls are any different >> mine is a little devil >>> still i always say هي و من بعدها الطوفان since i’ve got here nothing else matters … btw when i’m out shopping for here .. always find cute boys outfits :) suffer with girls clothing ..

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